Ladakh following the trails of an ancient kingdom with SKY HIGH TREKS guidance

“for years we were travelling in Nepal setting aside the unparallel beauty of the Indian Himalayas.

So we decided to explore the ancient kingdom of Ladakh comparing a trip to the history of ancient baddish kingdoms with a 15 days trek and last but not least an ascent to a 6.000 meters summit. The organization of such a trip was more difficult than in Nepal where dozens of competitive trekking companies gives you tailormade solutions. In Leh (Ladakh’s capital) there are also a lot but you should be very specific and clear on what you want if your choice is of the beaten track. As we are well travelled with quite of trekking experience we would like to combine the remoteness, the culture, the beauty and of course the ascent to a high summit.

We choose SKY HIGH TREKS hearing the very good impressions and words of some experienced friends keen on mountaineering and visited Ladakh some years before. Although we had many anxieties in our minds about the trip: “this office could be reliable in a wild and remote trek?”, “what about the staff? It would be good enough for such an adventure?” and of course “it will give us a reasonable price?”. Tsering Norboo (owner of High Sky Treks) dissolve all of our anxieties one by one. Firstly he had the virtue of patient so as to answer to our numerous e-mails we sent to him. Secondly he is a person with a great experience in the area of trekking and mountaineering so he knows well of what is going to propose. The project of such a trek have many parameters and he honestly answer or gave solutions to our questions. After a long correspondence our final plan came along: a trek through the remote kingdom of Zanskar (east part of Ladakh) with a conclusion to Rupshu region in Changthang Plateau near the borders to Tibet (south east part of Ladakh) where we climbed Mentok III a summit of 6.153m above Tso Moriri alpine lake. Our meeting point Kargil a village in the north near Pakistan borders. We trust him and he trust us without any requirement of paying in advance (giving us a reasonable price comparing to other offices). From that moment on the trip to the dream land began. The scenery of Zanskar was beyond our expectations! We had a very good supporting team, the best Guides (for sightseeing and also for mountain ascent) and also the important factor of a good cook, necessary thing when you have to face such demanding situations!!

Our dreams came true with the kind help and support of SKY HIGH TREKS. We succeeded in our ascent and also we made a fantastic trek through the remote Zanskar region getting in touch with the ancient monasteries and villages of a unique culture and all that surrounded by an alpine scenery of sharp mountain summits, wild turquoise rivers, wild canyons and impressive gorges.