Snow Leopard Trek, 2013

By Abhijit Nandy

February 2013, on a cold chilly morning reached Leh airport, with my cell not working at all I was worried, but just after stepping outside all my worries washed away by a warm welcome from Tsering. From that moment on till I departed everything was taken care of by Tsering, my guide as well as my tour operator.

I was there for a Snow Leopard Trek which I planned months before, Tsering was only person who told me that it is pure luck driven by our hardships to sight one of these elusive beauties, apart from him, every other operator gave me a 100% guarantee of sighting. After speaking with him I immediately made up my mind.

Tsering assisted me in almost everything starting from buying proper gears to climbing up tough terrains, providing immense service during the trek, all I can say if you wish for something and you see Tsering standing next to you fulfilling your wish.

As a tour operator he organised and took care of everything required for the trek. He provided excellent services. We were accompanied by a cook who treated us with some delicious local dishes and a porter and a horsemen who were also very efficient in their fields.

As a guide also you just cannot expect anything better, he is gifted with his sharp instincts which led us in spotting 3 elusive beauties which even outside the realm of dreams.

Planning for a trek in Ladakh (The little Tibet) then Tsering Norboo is the man you are looking for.

Thank you Tsering for all what you did to make this trek a success from every aspect.