Tso Kar to Tso Moriri Horse Trek

In August 2011 Tsering Norboo from Sky High Treks and Tours organised a horse-ride trek for us.

We went from Tso Kar to Tso Moriri and had four great days on our horses.

The horses were tough little ponies of a local nomad. They were well fed, healthy and fit enough to carry us up the hills and passes. The equipment (saddles, snaffles, reins etc.) was very basic and we needed to improve a little bit, but it was so comfortable, that we didn’t have any problem to sit about 4 to 6 hours on the horses. The horses were calm and easy to ride. They responded very well to our instructions, although most of the time we just let them go, because they knew the area very well and found the best way through the stones and rocks by their own. Because it was really hard work for them to climb the passes we mainly let the horses walk – trotting and galloping were exceptional cases.

The service Tsering offered us was excellent. We had two guides, one cook (who cooked unbelievable good food) and a horseman (a local nomad who owned our horses and packing ponies and who cared very well for them) with us.

All in all we had a really great time, thanks to our staff, which did its best to support us with their calm and easygoing nature and thanks to our horses which did the climbing work for us.

We thank Tsering for the excellent and very individual organisation of our horse trekking tour!