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The Chadar (Ice Path) to Phuktal Gompa return (18 days)

This arduous and challenging trek takes you along the frozen Zanskar river from Chiling to the spectacular Phuktal gompa and back. It should only be attempted on the advice of local guides because safe passage depends on the ice conditions on the river.

It is possible only during January and February when temperatures are sufficiently cold for the river to freeze. It should not be attempted...
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Kanji to Padum via Dipring (15 days)

This trek passes through the remote western Zanskar region crossing five passes to finish at Padum in the magnificent upper Zanskar Valley. Starting at Kanji west of Lamayuru, the trail follows the valley ascending gradually to Kanji La (5150m) then descends to the Rangdum Valley and heads east up to Pikdong La (5020m) with stunning views of the Zanskar range and south to the Himalayan Range.

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Rumtse to Spiti (16 days)

Beginning at the village of Rumtse on the Leh-Manali road, this trek takes you through the spectacular rolling mountains of eastern Ladakh past two high altitude lakes with abundant wildlife and dramatic scenery.

The salt lake of Tso Kar is a spectacle of brilliant white salt deposits, intensely coloured sedges and small plants, deep blue skies and herds of wild kiang roaming the area....
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Rumtse to Pang

This trek takes you through the remote area of eastern Ladakh where only nomads and their animals live. There are very few villages. The trek begins at Rumtse on the Leh-Manali road and follows the river to its headwaters at the foot of Kyamar La (4770m).

After crossing Kyamar La you enter the rolling mountains and valleys and broad flat plains of eastern Ladakh. The trail crosses...
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Chiling to Tsomoriri via Markha Valley (15-16 days)

Starting at the picturesque village of Chiling in the lower Zanskar Valley this trek follows the Markha Valley through several villages with the Stok mountains on one side and the Zanskar mountains towering above on the other side.

From the end of the Markha valley at Thachungtse there are two routes.

Route One

One turns right into the Langtang Chu and takes you over...
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Lamayuru to Darcha (18-20 days)

This is one of the longest and most spectacular treks in Ladakh. Beginning in the west at Lamayuru and ending in the east at Darcha on the Leh-Manali road the trail crosses the Zanskar mountains and ends in the main Himalayan Range.

There are ten passes to cross and the trek takes in much of the magnificent Zanskar Valley including several villages. The trail also passes through remote...
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