treks category: Medium Treks

Rumtse to Tso Moriri (8 days)

Beginning at the village of Rumtse on the Leh-Manali road, this trek covers the rolling hill country of eastern Ladakh and ends at the dramatic high altitude lake of Tso Moriri.

Starting along a river valley the trail passes spectacular eroded cliffs and ascends to Kumur La (4770m) and skirt around the salt lake of Tso Kar where herds of kiang (wild ass) and birds can be seen.

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Lamayuru to Padum (8-9 days)

This challenging trek crosses eight passes and takes you into some of the most remote parts of Ladakh.

From the village of Lamayuru with its dramatic monastery and fantastic eroded landscape, the first part of the trek takes you through the remote and little-inhabited Zanskar mountains across passes with spectacular views – especially Sirsir La, Sengge La, Kyukpa La, Morgon La and Hanamul...
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The Chadar to Lingshed (9-10 days) or Zangla return (13 days)

This dangerous and challenging trek takes you along the frozen Zanskar river from Chiling to Lingshed or to Zangla and back. It should only be attempted on the advice of local guides because safe passage depends on the ice conditions on the river.

It is possible only during January – February when temperatures are sufficiently cold for the river to freeze. It should not be attempted...
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Indus Valley to Rupshu (8-10 days)

This is a moderately demanding high altitude trek that takes you from the Indus Valley to the western edge of the vast Tibetan plateau through huge valleys, deep gorges and barren deserts. It is remote and sparsely populated by nomadic and semi-nomadic peoples.

The route starts near Hemis about an hours drive from Leh and takes you up a scenic valley and climbs steeply to the Gongmaru...
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Kanji to Phanjilla via Askuta Gorge (8 days)

This trek is one of several in the western part of Ladakh that takes in the rugged and spectacular landscape this part of the region has to offer.

Beginning at the small village of Kanji the trail ascends directly to cross Yokma La (4700 m) and then descends steeply to cross a river before ascending again to Nyigutse La (5000 m) and dropping again to cross the Hanupata River in...
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Kanji to Sanku

Starting from Kanji to the west of Lamayuru, this trek ascends gradually to Kanji La (5150m) with stupendous views along the Zanskar range.

The trail descends to Rangdum in the west branch of the upper Zanskar Valley then ascends to Wakka La before descending again through several villages in a beautiful valley to finish at Sanku on the road from Kargil to Padum. You can take a jeep back...
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Chilling to Juktak via Kharnak Valley (13 days)

Starting from the picturesque village of Chiling in the lower Zanskar Valley, the trail follows the river to the confluence of the Kharnak Chu with the Zanskar river the Tilat Do.

From there the trail follows the Kharnak Chu through the uninhabited valley to its headwaters. The upper reaches include some nomad settlements where the herders reside in winter, but during the summer these...
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Chiling to Yagang Kharnak (9-10 days)

This dramatic trek takes in much of central Ladakh including the spectacular Markha Valley, the fairy tale landscape of Sorra Canyon and the vast plain beyond the village of Dat, ending on the edge of the huge Rupshu Valley that is home to yak-herding nomads with their black yak-hair tents.

Lamayuru to Shang via Markha Valley (10-11 days)

Starting at the monastery town of Lamayuru with its fantastic eroded landscape of the ancient lake bed that now forms part of the valley, the trek ascends immediately over the relatively low Prinkiti La (3725m) and winds through picturesque fields and villages ascending slowly to Konzke La (4950m) before descending to a spectacular valley with mountains of pink and green and blue-hued rock rising...
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Spituk to Shang via Markha Valley (7-8 days)

You can start at Spituk monastery near Leh or drive by jeep to Jingchen across the Indus River. From Jingchen the trail ascends steadily to cross Kanda La (4870m) in the Stok Range then descends to the Markha Valley at Skyu gompa.

From there the trail proceeds along the spectacular Markha Valley to Nimaling then rises steadily past ancient eroded landscapes leading to Gongmaru La (5130m)...
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